Halkidiki, a region steeped in history, leaves its mark wherever you look.

Inhabited since 4000 BC, it plays a prominent role in Greek mythology. Exploring the Kassandra sightseeing spots will enchant you as you discover these mythical places up close. The historical Halkidiki tourist attractions form a mosaic of archaeological finds, city ruins from the 5th century BC, Byzantine monuments, and traditional settlements.

Are you ready for a journey into the past?


Best Halkidiki tourist attractions you simply cannot miss

Looking for things to see in Halkidiki? Our comprehensive guide will walk you through everything there is to know, perfect for the history buffs in your group!


Temple of Ammon Zeus, Kallithea

Temple of Ammon Zeus in Kallithea Halkidiki


Step back in time and visit one of the most significant Halkidiki attractions. The Temple of Ammon Zeus in Kallithea is where Dionysus, Ammon Zeus, and Asclepius were worshipped. This is one of the most important temples discovered in Halkidiki, founded by Euboean settlers of the city of Afytis in the second half of the 8th century BC.

Ancient Olynthos

Ancient Olynthos


Discover Ancient Olynthos near the village of Olynthos, which has been inhabited since the Neolithic era.

For a century, Olynthos was the most important city in Halkidiki. Located 45 km from Skala Fourkas and Soleado Luxury Villas, the ruins today showcase the city’s urban plan. It is considered the first “bioclimatic” city worth a visit in Halkidiki sightseeing. The buildings were oriented to make full use of sunlight, providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer, a design inspired by the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates.


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Byzantine Towers in Halkidiki


In the 14th century, Halkidiki, excluding Mount Athos, had over 70 towers with rectangular plans, most of which were monastic. Many of these towers were multi-story and dominated strategic positions but were destroyed in 1821. Today, only two towers remain intact: the Tower of Prosforio in Ouranoupoli and the Tower of St. Paul in Nea Fokea.

So, you can understand that it’s one of the  best things to see in Halkidiki.

In the Kassandra municipality, near Skala Fourkas, you can visit:

  • The Tower of St. Paul (Nea Fokea)
  • The Tower of Stavronikita (Sani)
  • The Tower of Solinos (Kallithea)
  • The Tower of Paleo-Christian Solinos (Kallithea)

The best-preserved tower in Halkidiki is the Tower of St. Paul. Located on the right edge of the harbor of Nea Fokea, it stands 17 meters tall and is part of a Byzantine fortification, probably built in 1407.


Ancient Potidea

Ancient Potidea Halkidiki

Potidea was founded around 600 BC by Corinthian settlers. It played a significant role in the Persian Wars, and its revolt in 432-431 BC from the Athenian League was a cause of the Peloponnesian War. Excavations have revealed impressive Archaic layers, building remains, and classical period tombs. From Hellenistic and Roman Kassandreia, parts of the fortifications, buildings, and cemeteries survive.


Temple of Poseidon, Posidi

Temple of Poseidon Halkidiki

The Temple of Poseidon, the oldest sanctuary of Poseidon, is located in Posidi, in the ancient area of Mende. The temple operated for over 1000 years and is mentioned by Thucydides and in 14th-century Athonite documents.


Petralona Cave

Petralona Cave Halkidiki

If you’re visiting Halkidiki, sightseeing should definitely include the Petralona Cave.

After five years of reconstruction, the Petralona Cave reopened, revealing secrets from 700,000 years ago. Residents of the village had long heard water-like sounds at the foot of Mount Katsika. In May 1959, two young men discovered a cave containing fossils and a nearly intact human skull, dated between 700,000 and 200,000 years old. This finds challenges established perceptions about early European settlers.


Ancient Stageira, Municipality of Aristotle

Ancient Stageira, Municipality of Aristotle


Listen to the sounds of the earth where the great Greek philosopher Aristotle was born. Feel the aura of the ancient philosopher in his birthplace, Ancient Stageira. Admire its archaic walls, fortifications, Agora, and Acropolis.

Continue to one of the most significant Halkidiki tourist attractions, the Necropolis of Akanthos, where more than 1,300 tombs have been recorded, operating from the Archaic period to Roman times and possibly until the 17th century BC.


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