Soleado is a state of mind

Soleado Luxury Villas was created and set in motion by the love for hospitality and nature. In this wonderful fifteen-acre olive grove filled with Mediterranean aromatic plants, the scents of nature merge with luxury and the cosmopolitan state of mind, while promoting sustainability and respect to the environment.

Soleado is more than a villa – it’s a state of mind. It’s a philosophy integrated into the stunning natural environment, in Kassandra, Halkidiki. A philosophy that celebrates high-aesthetics and Greece. A philosophy that we want to share with our guests. Soleado Luxury Villas offers its visitors an experiential vacation that fulfills the need for privacy, honors the concept of warm hospitality, and represents the Mediterranean cultural heritage. Embrace the Soleado philosophy and live your Greek summer in a private paradise, where luxury vacation acquires its true essence.

Be enchanted by the sun rising above the Aegean Sea and get carried away with the sun setting over Mount Olympus.

Out of respect for the natural environment, the protection of the area, and your comfort, we only use eco-friendly materials (such as stone and wood) to highlight our commitment to a greener future. Trees are also a big part of the Soleado Villas complex, planted in key locations to provide maximum shade and cooling, without obstructing an inch of the magnificent view.

One of the most significant design elements of Soleado villas is proper water usage and energy efficiency in general, in order to maintain the surrounding area to the fullest. This is why we minimized grass surfaces as much as possible and instead added a wide variety of Mediterranean aromatic plants that are native to Halkidiki, naturally found in the region.

You can take a walk in the fifteen-acre olive grove and garden through gravel trails and fully waterproof paths and enjoy the long-living olive trees and all kinds of plants.

Above all, beyond the luxurious confines of your Halkidiki luxury villa, the outside areas serve as an extension to the house. Touch, see, hear, taste, and smell the Greek summer and indulge in luxury like never before.

Location & Nearby Attractions


Beaches & Bars

Explore the long and isolated sandy beaches of Kassandra and live the experience of Chalkidiki.

Food & Drink

Live an authentic Greek vacation experience by tasting delicious treats at restaurants  by the sea.


Soleado Luxury Villas can organize wonderful activities for you during your stay in Kassandra.


Explore a place drenched in history, full of myths and legends and important archeological sites

Visit Kasandra in Style

Soleado Luxury Villas

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