Soleado Luxury Villas

Bioclimatic Architecure



The surrounding area of SOLEADO ​complex of private luxury villas in Fourka, Chalkidiki will enchant you and make you feel one with nature. Designed according to the principles of Bioclimatic Architecture and perfectly intertwined with the natural environment, it aims to create a landscape of high aesthetics.

Driven by ecological awareness and sustainability, the design of the area was based on the proper use of water, energy savings and the reduction of water consumption for its maintenance. For this reason, the grass surfaces were minimized, while different varieties of Mediterranean aromatic species and plants that thrive in the wider area of ​​Chalkidiki were planted.

The gravel and fully waterproof paths of the gardens are uniquely beautiful, as they offer pleasant walks among the planted areas and the centuries-old olive trees.

For sun protection of the area and the creation of conditions of comfort and relaxation, environmentally friendly materials were chosen, such as stone and setts. Also, the trees were placed in spots where they offer the maximum possible shading, without obstructing the field of vision to the points of interest, such as the calm sea of ​​Chalkidiki.

Above all, the surrounding area functions as an extension of the residence, where the visitor, in an experiential way, has the opportunity to interact, explore, smell, taste and, more than that, get to know a representative sample of a Greek arid landscape.

Live the ultimate experience of Bioclimatic Architecture and feel the magic of nature calming you down and taking you on a journey of beautiful thoughts full of colors and aromas. Get to know Soleado Luxury Villas and enjoy everything it has to offer!