Family holidays definitely have a certain degree of difficulty. The trip, the accommodation, the activities, the food… everything must be planned in advanced so that the whole family can relax and enjoy their holiday.

A destination that harmoniously combines everything a family might need on vacation is Halkidiki. Here, every moment becomes an unforgettable memory, and every day is full of laughter, adventure and relaxation.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves, spending your days exploring award-winning beaches and your evenings enjoying local flavors under the starry sky.

If you are spending family holidays in Halkidiki, Greece, this article is for you.

Here you will find tips and advice for activities, the best beaches for children around the peninsula, plus some of our favorite reasons that make Halkidiki an ideal destination for the whole family.

Why choose Halkidiki for your family holidays?

Halkidiki is an ideal destination for unforgettable family holidays, offering plenty of options for every age and taste. Let’s see what makes Halkidiki ideal for children:

Beautiful beaches

  • Crystal clear waters and golden sand: Halkidiki is famous for its beautiful family-friendly beaches, with blue waters and golden sand. Ideal for playing, relaxing and cool dips!
  • Variety for all tastes: There are beaches for all tastes, from cosmopolitan options with beach bars and water sports to more secluded beaches for peace and relaxation.

Activities for All

  • Water sports: One reason to opt for family holidays in Halkidiki is the abundance of activities available. Try diving, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking and other water sports for a fulfilling experience.
  • Hiking and cycling: Explore the picturesque paths and green landscapes of Halkidiki on foot or by bike.
  • Historical attractions: Visit archaeological sites, Byzantine monasteries and picturesque villages for a taste of the region’s history and culture.
Family cycling in Halkidiki

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Practical advantages

  • Easy access: Halkidiki is easily accessible by car, which not only allows for an easy trip, but also an economical one, since a large family can minimize travelling expenses. You can also reach Halkidiki by plane, if you land in Thessaloniki airport (SKG), which is just 1 hour away!
  • Plenty of accommodation options: There is a wide variety of accommodation, including luxury villas with pool in Halkidiki, which have fully equipped kitchens so that a family can prepare their own meals!
  • Safe environment: Halkidiki is considered a safe destination for families, with a quiet atmosphere and friendly environment.

Family holidays in Halkidiki, Greece: Best activities to try

Let’s see in greater detail what are the best activities in Halkidiki for children.

Families who choose Halkidiki for their holidays discover a place where nature, history and enjoyment coexist in harmony, creating the perfect scene for memories that will last a lifetime.

In the morning, head to one of Halkidiki’s many family-friendly beaches, which are perfect for kids of all ages! The shores, with their award-winning crystal clear, shallow waters and fine sand, offer ultimate safety for your little ones. While the children play in the sand and swim in the calm waters, you can relax under the sun, enjoying the magnificent view.


The more adventurous among you, who love to explore the underwater world, will find Halkidiki ideal for diving, either snorkeling or scuba diving.

The clear waters reveal a rich underwater world full of color and life! With the guidance of experienced professionals, you can be sure that everyone will enjoy this experience safely.

Scuba diving in Halkidiki

Water sports

Does your family love action? Halkidiki offers a multitude of water sports!

The beaches of the area have organized water sports centers, which provide the necessary equipment and instructions, making every activity both safe and exciting! Your children will surely have the best summer memories, full of laughter!

Water sports in Halkidiki


Beyond the wonderful beaches, the enchanting nature of Halkidiki is ideal for renting bicycles!

Imagine traversing scenic routes with your family that pass through traditional villages and lush forests. Each route offers the opportunity to discover the hidden gems of the region, enjoying the freedom and beauty of nature!

If you prefer hiking, then you can organize unforgettable excursions with your family. Many families choose to explore Halkidiki with experienced guides who organize hikes for all ages!

With trails that cross mountains, forests and coastal areas, every hike is an adventure, filled with hidden beautiful scenery.

Family excursions in Halkidiki

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Discover the best beaches for families in Halkidiki

Shallow and warm waters for swimming from early morning until late at night, organized beaches for the much-required morning coffee, secluded areas for privacy and relaxation away from the crowds, fine sand for the best sandcastles… the reasons that make Halkidiki beaches suitable for children of all ages are many.

Skala Fourka Beach

An excellent beach, organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds at affordable prices, Skala Fourkas is a top choice for the whole family.

Beaches that are so close or within a village are ideal as you can leave at any time and pop in for a bite to eat in a small taverna, or at home for a bit of relaxation before heading back for an afternoon swim!

Chrousso Beach (Paliouri)

A large area, sandy beach, many beach bars, shallow waters and green landscape make this beach on the first peninsula (Kassandra) a very good choice for babies, small children and teenagers.

Poseidi Beach

No matter which side of the “tip” you’re on, there are options the whole family will love. Cosmopolitan options such as Cocus Beach Bar, family-friendly beach bars but also unorganized beaches at the tip of Possidi Cape where you can only go on foot or by 4×4 car make Poseidi a favorite summer destination for all ages.

Sani Beach

In Sani, where well-known resorts and high-end shops are located, you will find well-organized beaches and beach bars, suitable for those moments when you want to indulge in luxury.

Karydi Beach

If you want to take a day trip, bring your own beach gear and go to a place of unparalleled natural beauty, then Karydi in Sithonia will reward you with its beauty.

What is the best place in Halkidiki for families?

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