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Kassandra, Chalkidiki

Kassandra is the first of the three peninsulas of Chalkidiki, characterized as very cosmopolitan since it combines wild nightlife, music and traditional festivals as well as big resorts. On the other hand it is for its natural beauty and endless sandy coastline. Pick your side and enjoy the numerous beach bars, the blue-flagged beaches and don’t miss the historical villages for a taste of the delicious local gastronomy and traditional life.

The exotic blue, the golden sand, the trees bending almost over the sea water, the crystal clear waters and the famous beach bars compose the canvas of the seaside life in Kassandra. Soleado is very close to the most famous beaches of Kassandra. Take your time to explore a variety of options, relax, sunbathe and dive in the big blue.
When you are in Halkidiki it is difficult to decide what to visit first. From the lush green nature to the Aegean blue, a plethora of monuments, churches, ancient cities and byzantine towers, monasteries and caves will make up your sightseeing plan. Discover the treasures of the land of Aristotle and meet the cultures that have left their mark on it.
You can’t have an authentic greek experience without tasting the local gastronomy. Fresh fish and seafood is the king of the local cuisine. Meat is the prince. Extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes, aubergines and aromatic herbs and spices have the leading role. All the pure ingredients coming from the Aegean sea and the land of Aristotle guarantee a healthy yet extra delicious experience!
Rejuvenate both body and spirit in one of the most well known spas in Europe. In a magnificent location overlooking the Aegean, Agia Paraskevi spa will revitalize you due to the rare sanative properties of its healing water.
The second peninsula of Halkidiki claims the title of the natural refugee for peace lovers and holiday makers. Full of picturesque little harbors and secluded beaches it is ideal for day trips and escapes. The true spirit of Halkidiki nature will reward you with the best memories wherever you choose to experience it. To the green valleys and forests or the golden beaches…

The peninsula of Mount Athos, commonly known as the Holy Mountain or Virgin Mary’s Garden, is the spiritual capital of Orthodoxy and comprises of 20 monasteries, 12 skites and about 700 houses, cells or hermitages. It hosts approximately 2,000 monks and is listed in Unesco’s World Heritage Monuments. It can only be cruised along the west coast by women, men can visit it following the Protocol of the monastic state.

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