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At Soleado we are thinking about you and your safety
We are thinking of you in these difficult times. But the most important thing is that we all take the necessary precautions and strictly follow the recommendations of the authorities. Soleado’s team is closely monitoring the evolution of Covid-19 and we have followed all the instructions of the authorities to ensure our guests a carefree vacation during their stay in our private villas. Our first priority is the well-being, health and safety of our visitors and team members. Find below a set of procedures and measures we have taken for covid-19.
Greece, Chalkidiki & Soleado Luxury Villas
Greece has taken all precautions at a very early stage to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In municipality of Kassandra, which Soleado Luxury Villas is located, there was no case of covid-19. This has resulted in relatively few people in Greece being infected with covid-19 at this time. Remember that at Soleado: you will have your own private villa just 45 minutes away from the airport. Soleado Luxury Villas will be right here for you to ensure a comfortable stay under safe conditions. Soleado team will be here during the summer and we hope to see you. In the meantime, please stay safe. We are sending our warmest regards to you and your beloved ones.

We follow the necessary procedures so that you can relax and enjoy:

Villa cleaning procedures
  • At Soleado Villas you check in online,  so you don’t have to contact anyone upon your arrival.
  • Upon arrival, the door of your villa will be sealed. This certifies that you are the first who enter after the disinfection is done.
  • Each villa has all the necessary cleaning and disinfectants Microbe-end by Midesei. They are certified by the Hellenic Pasteur Institute and the Athens Medical School. You can clean extra your villa yourself if you want to. Even inside each villa you will find a washing machine.
  • If you with to, we provide to you with a certified housekeeper in order to clean extra the villa for you during your stay.
Outdoors in Soleado Luxury Villas
  • Each villa is independent and has no contact with each other. Each of the villas has a private garden, balconies and a private pool.
  • There are no shared areas in Soleado. You can find anything you want in your villa or garden.
Private services and medical support
  • If you want to avoid crowded areas, you can order all your meals from local restaurants. Also, you can order your groceries from the supermarket. Everything will be delivered to your door.
  • In case you feel unwell, we invite our partner doctor for you, he can visit you and discuss your concerns.
  • You can find the Fourka’s Pharmacy and the Cassandra’s Health Center just a 10-minute drive from Soleado.
We are visiting Greece. We choose Cassandra. We stay in Soleado:
You will have your own private villa just 45 minutes from the airport to the safest destination and the most beautiful location. Soleado Luxury Villas will be here to ensure a comfortable stay in the safest conditions. Soleado’s team will be here all summer and we hope to see you up close! Until then, stay safe. We send our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones.
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