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Luxury Villas

You are in Soleado Luxury Villas and the lush Cassandra of Chalkidiki. Soleado is a complex of individual villas surrounded by olive groves and at the same time are giving you a unique view of the Aegean Sea. Experience a unique experience in your villa and your private pool. In your garden enjoy the dense Mediterranean vegetation, the olive groves, the view of the Aegean Sea and the bright Greek sun. Be enchanted by the beauty of Chalkidiki and swim in the wonderful waters of the Aegean.

All villas have a private entrance and are absolutely safe to visit. Soleado’s team has provided for the disinfection and cleaning of the villas while yodisinfectant products in all the villas.

Choose the villa that meets your needs and visit the dream summer destination, Soleado Luxury Villas.

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